Macro-Me Coaching

From 20-minute workouts you can squeeze in during your lunch-break to a step-by-step guide on how to deadlift, we’ve got it all right here. Consider this your coaching destination for everything you’ll need in order to feel confident, powerful and ready to hit the ground running—at whatever speed feels right for you. We believe exercising should be accessible for everyone and we want to help you find what you need, when you need it!

Nathan Bunker

December 2020, I remember seeing a photo of myself and realizing how much weight I had put on. I was in definite denial of exactly how much. The last time I weighed myself the scale showed 210. I imagine I had gone past that number. I was 41 and at that time I felt like that was just how life was going to be as I was getting older. At the beginning of 2021 I had the great opportunity to start this macros program. I had never tracked food before nor had I tried any diet or trend. I was frustrated in the beginning. Tracking and weighing my food just wasn’t clicking for me. I was also not being completely honest in the food I was eating and recording. Which is key to the program. I had to get honest with the program. After getting help from others I started to catch on to tracking. The food I ate slowly changed as did the food I got at the grocery store. Before starting on Macro Me I thought I was eating “healthy”. What I didn’t realize is that I just wasn’t eating correctly, and what I mean is I wasn’t eating enough of one of the macro nutrients the body needs, proteins. My metabolism had been bogged down by inactivity and years of a surplus of carbs and fats. Soon it became a daily game to reach my goals. My body responded and I started seeing the weigh, and specifically body fat percentage, drop. I’ve continued to eat what I like but what I like to eat has changed. I look at food differently, I’m not afraid of food and I enjoy splurging now and then. It has become a lifestyle change! I’ve reach my first major goal but I’m working towards another! I believe in the program 100% and it will work if you work it.

Wiley White

Bio coming soon